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Grant talks about FOIA (“pronounced FOY-uh”), a bit of journalists’ jargon. This is part of a complete episode.

journalist colony

journalist colony  n.— «The Indian Government like most Governments specially the US, is very sensitive to Journalists exposing in the media their corrupt practices. As per the Australian Broadcasting Corp., they have created Journalist...


blocktimer  n.— «Abangan is a “blocktimer,” radio announcers who pay for their own time on the air and sell advertising time.» —“More Than Dozen Journalists Killed In Philippines In Year” by David...


hocker  n.— «Some reporters are hockers, which may be true. However, once they begin publishing what they hock, Rabbis may be reticent to speak to them…Of course, there are Hockers which have poor information & hockers with...

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