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“Ta-Da” Echoes a Musical Flourish

Julie from Jacksonville, Florida, shares a lovely story of her husband’s increasing use of the word Ta-da! In lieu of other words or to point out a success. Ta-da! references the sound of a musical flourish, such as that of a trumpet. This is...

Gift Horse

The edge of the Grand Canyon. A remote mountaintop. A medieval cathedral. Some places are so mystical you feel like you’re close to another dimension of space and time. There’s a term for such locales: thin places. And: did you ever go...

Sandpapering Soup

Adding to our long list of silly responses from harried parents to children who ask what they’re doing, Julie from Hammondsport, New York, says her father’s standard reply was: I’m sandpapering a bowl of soup. This is part of a...


Where in tarnation did we get the phrase “where in tarnation?” Tarnation seems to be a variant of damnation. This is part of a complete episode.

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