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Mr. Cream Cheese

A Massachusetts listener shares her mishearing the name of the beloved character Mr. Green Jeans on the old Captain Kangaroo TV show. She was in college before she realized his name wasn’t Mr. Cream Cheese. This is part of a complete episode.

get loose

get loose  v. phr.— «Johns and former international Wendell Sailor, who is serving a two-year ban for testing positive to cocaine, were both part of the 22-man Australian squad. Players on the tour, on which heavy alcohol consumption was...

Kangaroo Duck

Kangaroo Duck n. the conveyance of an inflatable boat by means of the underside of a helicopter. Also K-Duck. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

Kangaroo Duck

Kangaroo Duck  n.— «Kangaroo Duck (K-Duck) Operations. K-Duck operations are used when cargo space in the H-60 cannot support a T-Duck or the mission requires such speed and surprise that an already inflated CRRC is necessary.…The...

Kangaroo Duck

Kangaroo Duck  n.— «The plan called for a pair of MH-60 helicopters to drop two rubber boats into the water, followed by eight SEALs. They were to have rendezvoused with the Little Creek-based coastal patrol craft Monsoon to continue their...