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Knight Chevalier

A listener in Richardson, Texas, notes that before her mother married, her middle name was Knight and her last name was Chevallier. For those who know the French word for “knight,” chevalier, this made for some occasional chuckles. This...

Is “Knight” Gender-Neutral?

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, woman serves on a committee that is choosing a new school. Some members propose calling their sports teams the Steel Knights. But is the term knight gender-neutral? This is part of a complete episode.

Knighting Pun

Dubbing someone a knight by tapping their shoulder with a sword is a venerable tradition, but that didn’t stop a wag from mocking it in limerick form with a groaner of a pun. This is part of a complete episode.

email bankruptcy

email bankruptcy  n.— «Is there such a thing as email bankruptcy so you can start clean and not owe anyone anything anymore?» —“Re: PING Tuesday” by Tuesday Knight  Usenet: alt.religion.wicca Oct. 22, 2003...


Phrog  n.— «With protruding side wheels and a nose-up attitude on the ground, the CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter has the appearance of a frog ready to hop—some would say it certainly does, especially when moving forward on the deck. Since the...

break (someone) off (something)

break (someone) off (something)  v. phr.— «Do you look at your posts before sending them? Perhaps an extra moment or two for proofreading would help you appear more intelligent. Although pushing for Knight is crazy no matter how well you...

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