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Dar a Luz

In English, women give birth, in Spanish, they dar a luz or dar a la luz, which can be translated as, “bring to light” or “shed light on,” although the literal translation would be “give to (the) light.” Another...

Creative Class Origins

The term creative class has been around for a century, but it was popularized by economist and sociologist Richard Florida and his 2002 book, The Rise of the Creative Class. Florida uses the term to refer to artists, designers, tech producers, and...

Knowledge Box

Knowledge box is an old slang term for noggin; one 1755  describes someone who “almost cracked his knowledge box.” This is part of a complete episode.

Brand Names Word Quiz

Quiz Guy John Chaneski tests our knowledge of Latin by way of brand awareness this week with a game about brands like Lego, which takes its name from Danish “leg godt,” meaning “play well.” As it happens, the Latin term lego...