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hikikomori  n.— «Hikikomori is not a disease. For reasons ranging from bullying to exam failure, some young people are shutting themselves away in their rooms and having as little direct contact with the outside world as possible. Many are...

stove pipe

stove pipe  v.— «“There are a lot of data processing systems out on Navy bases and stations,” he said. “But they’re, for lack of a better word, stove-pipe systems that found one specific application and solved that problem very...

Generation E

Generation E  n.— «Jurists tell me that all too often today’s young people think breaking the law is a big deal only if they lack the money to hire the best attorneys. This isn’t Generation X. This is Generation E, for entitled...


 n.— «I’m tired of faking knots with a stack of ones/Having a lack of funds and resorting back to guns.» —“If I Had” by Eminem, Dr. Dre Slim Shady Feb. 23, 1999. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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