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Grammatical Guffaws and Kerfuffles

Hi, all! In the last archive edition before our new season (woohoo!), we cover colorful idioms around the world, portmanteau words, "wooden nickels," "thrice happy," "petered out," and why sneezing makes some people...

fog line

fog line  n.— «Resident Michael Reiskind noted that the Jamaicaway lacks edge-of-the-road striping—or “fog lines,” as he called them—on both shoulders of the road between Kelly Circle and Perkins Street. That means drivers have no visual...


skip  v.— «According to the press accounts, many snowmobile drivers like to “skip” their machines over open water.…A snowmobile cannot change direction while “skipping”—it can only go in a straight line. If a snowmobile...

speed table

speed table n. a flat, raised road surface intended to slow traffic. Editorial Note: A speed table is longer and flatter than a speed bump. It sometimes is a part of, or does double-duty as, a raised crosswalk. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)