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rake  v.— «He rakes pitches like that because he’s a low-ball hitter. His power is to right and right-center. They can come inside, but he has the strength like Jim Rice to fight it off. And if they make a mistake….» —“Go East...


 n.— «Sure, I’d take Larry in a minute. He’s a gamer, a winner.» —“Bowa trade rumors include former 89ers” by Joe Goddard Oklahoma City Times Jan. 8, 1982. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

Elvis factor

Elvis factor  n.— «What is the Elvis Factor? I once read that 10 percent of the American people think Elvis still alive, and 8 percent believe that if you send him a letter, he will answer it. That’s the Elvis factor. You have to remember...

Michigan double

Michigan double  n.— «Usually the double-trailer combinations, called “Michigan Doubles” in trucker parlance, carry steel or some other raw materials, while many of the single-trailer ones I’ve seen are fuel tankers...


wet  n.— «According to court documents, Edwards and Larry Sr. were locked in a dispute over a drug called “wet,” the slang term for a mixture of PCP and formaldehyde. It is used to lace marijuana or other smoking materials to...

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