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Episode 1601

Funny Papers

There are word nerds, and then there’s the woman who set up a folding chair on sidewalks throughout the country, cheerfully dispensing tips about grammar. She recounts her adventures in a new book. And the story of the brilliant pioneer of...

Rinctums! No Rinctums!

Aeneas in Las Cruces, New Mexico, describes his family’s traditional way of razzing someone who just had a haircut. They shout Rinctums! (also spelled Rinktums!), and proceed to give the person a rough knuckle-rubbing on the back of their...

bunny punch

bunny punch  n.— «This is what’s known as a pattern punch but often described as a bunny punch or just “bunny.” These are very heavy, solid cast iron with a round 3/4″ steel die.» —“Bunny punch” by...

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