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Whistle Pig

The dated term “jingoism” denotes a kind of belligerent nationalism but the word’s roots lie in an old English drinking-house song that was popular during wartime. Speaking of fightin’ words, the expression “out the side of...

South End of a Chicken

Are your nightstand books all over the place? Why not stack ’em into a bookmash? A bookmash is a kind of found poetry formed from book titles! And we all know that honesty is the best policy. But does that mean you should correct the grammar of your...

Another Bookmash

Parse this bookmash as you will: Making Love / Getting Busted / Memento Mori / Leaving Las Vegas / In Guilt and Glory. This is part of a complete episode.

A Year of Words

Hockey mom? Staycation? Recessionista? What’s your choice for Word of the Year 2008? Also, what expression do you use to describe when it’s raining but the sun is still shining?

Jive Turkeys

In 2008, is using the term jive turkey politically incorrect, or just a little dorky-sounding? A Las Vegas schoolteacher jokingly used it with her students, then had second thoughts. Grant sets her mind at ease. This is part of a complete episode.


prop  n.— «Keeping their annual tradition alive, oddsmakers at the Las Vegas Hilton sports book have released the world’s most comprehensive list of Super Bowl betting propositions. Other Las Vegas casinos will follow with their own...

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