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dementia Americana

dementia Americana n. a (supposed) form of insanity, leading to violence, which comes over a man who believes his his home or family has been violated. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

dementia americana

dementia americana  n.— «“Ah, gentlemen,” said Mr. Delmas, dramatically, turning to the alienists who testified for the prosecution, “if you desire a name for this species of insanity let me suggest it—call it dementia...

Generation E

Generation E  n.— «Jurists tell me that all too often today’s young people think breaking the law is a big deal only if they lack the money to hire the best attorneys. This isn’t Generation X. This is Generation E, for entitled...


freeter  n.— «Kato worked for a trading firm for about two years after he graduated from college with a major in law in 1982, but decided to quit when he realised he could take time off anytime he wanted and have larger pay cheques if he...

wheels up

wheels up  adj.— «But the minute the last leader’s white-topped helicopter took off at the crack of dawn Friday—went “wheels up,” in the parlance of law enforcement officers—coastal Georgians rushed to resume normal summertime...

drying rock

drying rock n. a rock in the sea whose exposed surface at low tide is used as a marker for surveying or establishing legal boundaries. Also low-tide elevation. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)