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hammerhead  n.— «It’s expected that Jan is expected to lead on the bike. And that’s a lot of pressure. Some of the girls are starting to call me Hammerhead. It’s pressure.» —“Ripple leaving big wake in triathlon series” by...

new shooter

new shooter n. a horse entering a race, but one that has not been an active participant in the horse-racing circuit, particularly those races which include or lead up to one of the Triple Crown events; a new-comer or long-shot. (source: Double...

smoker’s face

smoker’s face  n.— «Cigarette smoking can lead to “smoker’s face,” a wrinkled, weary, haggard look that will give you away every time, a British doctor says. In an article published Friday in the British Medical Journal, Dr...


young-old n. older adults who lead active lives contrary to stereotypes of diminished abilities. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)