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Noctivagant Vespertilians

Noctivagant people are those who wander the night, and vespertilian folks have bat-like qualities. Add these to “shirtless” as poignant ways to describe a vampire. This is part of a complete episode.

Descriptive Criminal Names

A news story about the Ho-Hum Bandit has Grant musing about the odd names that law enforcement officers give to criminals at large, usually based on their appearance or behavior, like the Barefoot Bandit, the Mummy Bandit. Or how about the Bad...

yummy mummy

yummy mummy  n.—Gloss: an attractive older woman. «“Please note not all our Aga owners are middle-aged women,” he says, indicating to some of the people at the party who are neatly dressed middle-aged men and a group of what are...

mother wound

mother wound  n.— «In many marriages, the wife is mother not only to any children, but also to the husband, who sometimes actually calls her “mummy”, which always sounds creepy. Theories abound, particularly in California, as to why this...

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