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sweater on the rail

sweater on the rail  n.— «Hustling doesn’t merely involve the players at the table. There was a rogue’s gallery of “stakehorses” (financial backers), “sweaters on the rail” (side bettors) and “nits” (kibitzers). As the gambling spigot has...

cum gutter

cum gutter  n.— «“There is reason to envy someone skinny enough to have such a pronounced apollo’s belt. i often tell people that i have one, but that it’s just covered in a layer of fat.”…“round here we call those cum gutters...


guap n. (a lot of) money. Editorial Note: The speculative etymology given in the April 2005 cannot be substantiated. Less common variant spellings include “gwap” and “gwop.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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