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stubby  n.— «Stubbies are foreshortened prostheses used during and sometimes after initial ambulatory rehabilitation. They are custom fitted and are usually made up of standard sockets, no articulated knee joints or shank, with modified...

weather war

weather war  n.— «In the States, they have a name for the media’s increasingly demented obsession with meteorological phenomena: “weather wars.” Anyone who has watched a US reporter narrowly avoid being blown off a rain-lashed...


deglove v. to force off or peel back skin from a part of the body, especially a limb or appendage, as if removing a glove, sleeve, or mask. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

limb hanger

limb hanger n. a male turkey with long heel spurs. Editorial Note: Long spurs on a jake are correlated with the maturity and size of the bird. Etymological Note: See the last 2004 cite. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

limb hanger

limb hanger  n.— «The real limb-hangers are four or five years old or more, and chances are most of them get whipped regularly by two- and three-year old birds.» —by Richard P. Combs Advanced Turkey Hunting Feb. 1, 2002...

limb hanger

limb hanger  n.— «I didn’t even have to move the gun, just knocked it off safe and dropped him in his tracks. He scored 18 lbs, 10″ beard, and 1 1/2″ spurs. A real limb hanger!!!» —by Gary Caughman Tomturkey’s Web...

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