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Episode 1562

What the Blazes?

What kind of book do people ask for most often in prison? Romance novels? No. The Bible? No. The most requested books by far are … dictionaries! A number of volunteer organizations gather and distribute used dictionaries to help inmates with...

Crew Juice

Crew juice is what an airline crew drinks after a flight at the bar or on the way to the hotel. This is part of a complete episode.

Little Pitchers

Did you know reading poetry improves your prose? That includes hip-hop lyrics, too.  Also, how linguist can guess where you come from based on how you speak.  What do you call someone who picks the chocolate out of the trail mix...

spud juice

spud juice n. an alcoholic drink secretively made in prison from fermented potatoes, other vegetables, or fruit. Editorial Note: A similar prison-made beverage is pruno. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)