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What do you call that jarring sensation when you see a radio personality for the first time, and he looks nothing like what you expected? The hosts talked about it in a past episode. Listeners responded with more words for this phenomenon. This is...

Newlywed Shivaree

A shivaree, also spelled charivari, is a raucous, good-natured hazing for newlyweds. A discussion here about that word prompted lots of listeners to write in with their own stories about shivarees. Martha shares some of them. This is part of a...

Apple Core, Baltimore Game

Martha and Grant revisit the “apple core, Baltimore” game they discussed a few episodes ago. Many listeners learned it from this Donald Duck cartoon. This is part of a complete episode.

Carncierge and Meatre D’

In a previous episode, a caller sought a classy term for a worker in the meat section of a cheese shop, something a little more sophisticated than, say, meatmonger. The helpful suggestions from listeners keep rolling in, and Grant and Martha share a...