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Seditty, Saddity

Semby from Los Angeles, California, wants to know about the term saditty, also spelled seditty, which refers to someone who is stuck up or puts on airs. Used almost exclusively among African Americans, this term may simply be a fancy pronunciation...

Who Decides Decade Names?

Danielle in Los Angeles, California, wonders: If we call the 1960s the Sixties, what will we call the decade we’re now in? And will the next decade be the 2020s? How do these names get decided anyway? This is part of a complete episode.

Origin of “Hang a Roscoe”

A caller from Los Angeles, California, wonders why we say “hang a Roscoe” for “turn right” when giving directions. This phrase, as well as “hang a Louie,” meaning “turn left,” go back at least as far...