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motarded  adj.— «What I find especially entertaining is that these motarded cluesers (Moronically Retarded Clueless Losers) are still flaming you over this after 3 YEARS!» —“Re: Angry Manson fans, wheee!” by Grendel...


scamdicapper  n.— «Ex-football stars and head coaches have long shown an eagerness to sell their names to scamdicappers.… Typically, a star’s name is used to front boiler room scams of seasoned scamdicappers and con artists...

Big Mo

Big Mo  n.— «I would argue that Altria is still relatively cheap, P/E below 16 on a trailing basis, (can you BELIEVE Merck is cheaper than Altria!) Plus, Wall Street moves slowly. There is still a huge bias against the Big Mo (as it’s...


 n.— «Well good riddance you auld tumshie.» —“Re: Bye For Now, You Losers” by david@wedding-services.demon.co.uk Usenet: soc.culture.scottish Dec. 29, 1999. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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