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doodlesocking  n.— «Spawning crappie are easily frightened by noisy movements, so approach shallow fishing spots quietly. Some anglers use 10-foot rods equipped with short lines, wading and dipping the lure in a technique known as...


chatter  n.— «The Scientific Games Corporation, which dominates the scratch-off market and counts states like Texas and Massachusetts as clients, advises lottery managers to increase jackpots to lure players.…“But like any ‘tool,’ an...

forever piece

forever piece  n.—Gloss: a clothing or personal accessory that is well-crafted and expensive. «After a couple of weeks of happily wearing my new purchases—the quality is so sublime, just donning one of these garments makes you feel rich...

teaser parking

teaser parking n. a few parking spaces located in front of a business to lure customers with their apparent convenience. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


flymph n. a fishing lure resembling an insect between the nymph and fly stages of development. Etymological Note: Perhaps coined by and probably popularized by Vernon S. Hidy. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)