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Mad Props

If someone gives you crazy props or mad props, they’re congratulating you. A Chicago college student wants to know what props means in this context. This is part of a complete episode.

Main Line Brat

A die-hard fan of television’s Mad Men is puzzled when Don calls Betty a “Main Line brat.” This is part of a complete episode.

Days of Wine Flights and Mullets

Barack Obama wants to put people to work building roads and bridges. But how about a federal jobs program for out-of-work writers? Also: why do we call it a flight of wine? How did the haircut called a mullet get its name?


gork  v.— «Mark Roth’s career as a deanimator. As a gorker. Gorking is…well, gorking. You take away some creature’s supply of oxygen, you’re gorking it, man.…Nothing should live in those caves; instead, the caves were full of...