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hauterfly  n.— «The David Xperience began the year militantly loyal to an Italian stallion-ess, yet exits December back on the prowl, shakin’-bakin’-and baby makin’ through a swelling sea of fuktastically fabulous hauterflies. I’m lucky...


guap  n.— «I been makin that guap!! OH yesz. I been going to skool..workin then babysittin. I been iight. Aside from burdz bein burdz. i been worryin bout my money, skool, and my man.» —by blazinbori05 All About Twe3Tz July...

sweet in the pants

sweet in the pants  adj.— «There’s something touching about a professional athlete who’s not afraid to fall in love publicly. I’m not gonna’ get all sweet in the pants or anything, but this story is totally sweet in the pants…on an...


 adj.— «da internet is running so slow cuz, it’s makin me all buckaloose. I mean fa real kine I’m gonna break yo face.» —by Alfred Pennyworth Ultrablognetic Sept. 22, 2002. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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