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weeded  adj.— «The poor old waitress was getting weeded with only 3 tables including me; she was at the end of a double shift I think.» —“Closest W.H. to D.C.” by The Bote Man Usenet: alt.food.waffle-house May 14...


fiending  n.— «“Whoever did it,” the man said, “must have been fiending for drugs, that’s all they do around here. They tried to rob an ice cream truck. I mean how much money is on an ice cream truck. That’s stupid...


MOOP n. trash; foreign items found where they do not belong. Editorial Note: This term is associated with the Burning Man festival. Etymological Note: matter out of place (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


 n.— «MOOP bags and pick-up-sticks.» —“Re: Protest Silicon Satan’s Attack on Burning Man” Usenet: talk.environment Oct. 30, 2000. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


MOOP  n.— «We packed up and searched for MOOP on our campsite. MOOP is now part of my vocabulary. It stands for Matter Out Of Place. Part of the permitting process with the Bureau of Land Management includes leave-no-trace standards...

turkey bacon

turkey bacon  n.— «i agree, this man was treated screwed. turkey bacon (rent-a-cops) suck ass. they’re all a bunch of wannabe’s who couldn’t cut it as real cops. as for the police, come on, i’m sure they could’ve handled that a lot better...