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Different Terms for Mentee

What’s the best term for someone who’s being mentored? A woman in a mentoring program at church thinks the word mentee sounds like “manatee.” She’s hoping for an alternative. This is part of a complete episode.


Panamax  n.—Gloss: a cargo ship built to be small enough to go through the Panama Canal. «The Panama Canal is so important to world shipping that the trade has invented a word to describe ships that will fit through it. A...


boat  n.— «Edison Senat learned how to speak English in five months. The 26-year-old Haiti native didn’t want to be tagged as “boat,” a derogatory term referring to immigrants. So he made it a point to speak it as often as he...


logging  n.— «Manatees, also known as sea cows, can travel as much as 50 miles a day but are also known to laze about. “Some of the people that saw it described what’s known as “logging,” or raising its big back up and...

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