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Lifebuoy Soap Pronunciation

As we noted in an earlier conversation, people in the United States usually pronounce the word buoy as BOO-ee, but their counterparts in Britain tend to pronounce it BOY. Commercials airing in the U.S. for Lifebuoy soap use the British...

Use vs. Utilize

Which is correct: use or utilize? The answer depends on the context. The word utilize carries an additional shade of meaning, suggesting that you’re using something in a way it’s not ordinarily employed. For example, you would use a...

Etymology of One-Off

A one-off is something that is done or made or occurs just once. A Washington State caller who’s curious about the term learns that it derives from manufacturing lingo. This is part of a complete episode.

takt time

takt time  n.— «Toyota has made the difficult call to reduce output by slowing production through short-term shutdowns, eliminating overtime, and slowing the line (or lengthening the takt time, in manufacturing parlance).» —“Weakened...