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Mare in Nightmare

Unless you’re having a bad dream about equine creatures, a nightmare doesn’t have anything to do with horses. The mare in nightmare comes from an old word that means “goblin.” This is part of a complete episode.

bucket baby

bucket baby  n.— «A couple of breeders I know have successfully used this drug this year on mares that were pastured on infected fescue fields, and all produced milk within 72 hours of initial dosage. They had no bucket babies at all, for...

barn sour

barn sour  adj.— «This “balking” behavior that you see in your mare as you try to ride her away from her herdmates in the field is often called “herd bound” or “barn sour.”» —“Herd Bound...

big smoke

big smoke  n.— «The “big train” has reached the end of the road.…Walter Johnson somewhat sadly admitted today that he was through.…Twice now the “big smoke” has started in the series.» —“‘The Old...

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