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 n.— «“Meeting” is the general term for all blind dates.» —“The ‘meet’ market” JoongAng Daily (Seoul, Korea) July 27, 2003. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


Amexica  n.— «Viva Amexica. Well, not just yet. The North American Free Trade Agreement has changed the way shippers in the United States view Mexico, but only a few are responding strategically with logistics plans targeted to the large...

boy beater

boy beater  n.— «If you’re in the market for a boy beater (in the parlance of our times) that says “OUTLAW,” I guess you could do worse than Bad Kitty Clothing.» —“Have It Made” by Bronwyn Jones blogging...


webswev  n.— «Another group is trying to market a new word: webswev. It stands for “Web significantly watered down English verbosity.” It is the language used on Internet bulletin boards and chat lines that relies on...


paquetería  n.— «Known in Spanish as paqueterías, the courier services tap into the nostalgia market, filling an aching void between New York’s poorer immigrants, many not legal residents, and the people they left behind...

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