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massage à trois
 n.— «There’s the spa: It offers what’s called a massage à trois for $1,000.» —“A Gateway to Limitless Luxury” ABC News (U.S.) Apr. 14, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


champissage  n.— «We use a chopping technique called champissage (where the English word shampoo comes from), hair tugging to stimulate the scalp and follicles, as well as pressing on marma, or pressure points.» —“Lunchtime fix:...


champied  adj.— «If you’ve ever fallen into a dreamy stupor while having your hair washed at the hairdresser on a Saturday morning, then you’ve been “champied.” The Hindi word champi refers to head massage and is the origin of...


trunk  n.— «Michael administered a massage to South Australian strumpet Gianna Pattison and momentarily substituted his hand for his—ahem—member.…A young woman who believed her self to be the cherished object of a worshipful caress...

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