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redshirt v. to hold a child back for an extra year before admittance into kindergarten. Etymological Note: From sports, where “red-shirting” is holding a player back for an extra season or semester in order to maximize his or her total...

Peter Pan housing

Peter Pan housing n. homes not built to take into account the needs of elderly residents. Etymological Note: In the story by J.M. Barrie, the character of Peter Pan never becomes an adult. “Peter Pan” is occasionally used in a different...


escapement  n.— «Juvenile redfish, up to about four years old and 8 pounds or so, grow up in the estuaries and then join the offshore breeding stocks when they reach sexual maturity. That process is known as escapement, which is measured...

limb hanger

limb hanger n. a male turkey with long heel spurs. Editorial Note: Long spurs on a jake are correlated with the maturity and size of the bird. Etymological Note: See the last 2004 cite. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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