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Name for a Surviving Partner

A listener in Reno, Nevada, wants to know: If one member of a long-term, unmarried couple dies, what’s a good term for the surviving partner, considering that the usual terms widow and widower aren’t exactly correct?   This is part...

Hidden Words Quiz

Quiz Guy John Chaneski is on the hunt for four-letter words hidden inside related words. For example, find the related four letter word hidden in the last word of this sentence: A union member might find him despicable.   This is part of a...

Movies With -ing Added

A game making the rounds online involves adding the ending -ing to movie titles, resulting in clever new plots. For example, on our Facebook group, one member observed that The Blair Witch Project becomes The Blair Witch Projecting, “in which...

Literary Limericks

If you’re looking for an alternative version of Hamlet’s soliloquies, a member of our Facebook group has been turning famous passages from literature into limerick form with entertaining results. This is part of a complete episode.

Spit Baths

Spit baths are another common form of quickie baths, wherein a moist towel is used to wipe schmutz off a child’s face. One fraternity member emailed us to say that when he was in college, over-spraying with cologne in lieu of a shower was...


The word yannigan, meaning “a member of a scrub team in baseball,” may come from an alteration of “young one.” This is part of a complete episode.

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