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noodle  v.— «Down in Kansas they have “noodlers.”…Iowa also agrees that “noodling” is the lowest and most despicable method of fishing. It is prevalent in all parts of the state, particularly during the...

feather lift

feather lift n. a delicate method of cosmetic surgery involving implanted cords which lift and pull. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


JND  n.— «With this method, the “just-noticeable-difference,” (jnd) can be calculated.» —“Re: tone deafness?” by harnad@mind.UUCP (Stevan Harnad) Usenet: sci.med Nov. 12, 1986. (source: Double-Tongued...


stripping  n.— «Her scheduling adopted the US method of stripping programmes, showing the same type of show at the same time every night so viewers always knew what was on.» —“In The Picture: I’m an ITV boss…get me out of...

potpourri fishing

potpourri fishing n. a type of fishing which offers a variety of (in-season) species or in which more than one method can be used. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)