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ambulance-chasing  n.— «As a result, theorists haven’t been able to resist interpreting these statistically suspect results. It’s an activity that Neil Turok of Princeton University (himself a theorist) describes as “ambulance...

magic box

magic box  n.— «After 3 years of exploring the potentials and possibilities of microwave cooking, they have created 350 innovative and flavorful recipes that take full advantage of the “magic box.”» —“Heralding The New...

magic box

magic box
 n.— «Chef jargon—”Magic box”—microwave it.» —“jargon and newspeak” by Holly ABC Electric Journal Nov. 3, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


plan-overs  n.pl.— «The bags are especially aimed at people who cook big meals on weekends to have “plan-overs” for the week.» —“New Bag Stands Up To Microwave Oven” by Liz Newlin Dallas Morning...


plannedover  n.pl.— «Leftovers become plannedovers and can also be reheated in the same way.» —“Microwave oven offers flexibility in the kitchen” Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada) Nov. 17, 1978. (source: Double...

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