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trunk monkey

trunk monkey  n.—Gloss: a rear gunner in an armed vehicle, caravan, or convoy. Note: Used among military personnel and contractors in Iraq. It’s possible that the term derives from this advertisement from Suburban Auto Group, and others...

wire brush treatment

wire brush treatment  n.— «His “snowflake memos” are notorious within the Pentagon, as is his combative style of debating and discussing issues. Civilians and military personnel refer to it as getting “the wire brush...

perfumed prince

perfumed prince  n.— «These Defense Department do-gooders and their Pentagon Perfumed Princes are asking our military personnel to go to war and to kill for their country, but they must do it in a nice way. If they show their warrior...


rehat v. to outfit military personnel in different uniforms in order to show a change of allegiance or authority. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)