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snow-cone  v.— «But how many close plays at first are there? How many near catches in the outfield that are called as a catch when they are “snow-coned?”» —“MLB: Rekindle the Instant Replay Controversy” by...


two-seamer  n.— «One of the buzz words for the Mariners this spring and into the regular season is “two-seamer,” also known as a sinking fastball.» —“Notes: M’s staff riding two-seamer” by Doug Miller in...


greenfly  v.— «Greenfly: A baseball colloquialism derived from insects that swarm around livestock, a derogatory reference by baseball people toward over-zealous media types. Example: “That writer was greenflyin’ me the whole series...


 n.— «In my first game, I punch Todd Helton in the face, then knee him in the junk.» —“MLB SlugFest 20-04 (PS2)” Electronic Gaming Monthly May 1, 2003. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

Nintendo slider

Nintendo slider  n.— «It makes it a little easier to get right-handers out when you have more velocity, but when the velocity is lower, you throw a little more junk. Right now, my slider is working well. It looked like a Nintendo slider...

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