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Gretzky Jofa

Gretzky Jofa  n.— «As a teen he played with a Jofa model made famous by Wayne Gretzky. The lightweight helmet had no internal padding and was not CSA approved. “It wasn’t even made for hockey, it was designed for canoeing,” he...


heresthetics  n.— «“Heresthetics and Rhetoric and the Spatial Model,” by William Riker, Rochester University political science professor.» —“Leadership Seminar Set At Dartmouth” Boston Globe July 17, 1998...


bakkie  n.— «Honda is going to show an innovative bakkie concept at the Detroit Motor Show in January. This new and innovative pickup concept will provide the world with its first glimpse of the direction Honda will take with a future...


 n.— «Who was there:…assorted AMWs (actress, model, whatever).» —“Into the Night” by Jeannine Stein Los Angeles Times Oct. 24, 1988. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


AMW  n.— «I don’t need the image of a AMW (Actress, Model, Whatever) flashing her thighs and pouting saucily to encourage me.» —“I loathe the sound of breaking glass I DON’T like the sound or sight of breaking...


AMW n. a (pretty) woman whose career derives in some way from her appearance. Etymological Note: Initialism for actress model whatever (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)