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Gender Neutral Pronoun

A Pensacola man says he’s invented a gender-neutral pronoun, and wants to know how to popularize it. He’s not the first to try, as shown by linguist Dennis Baron’s chronology of failed attempts to create and popularize epicene...

Talking in the Third Person (minicast)

Does it bug you when people talk about themselves in the third person? A caller finds herself mightily annoyed by this habit, which she observes especially among politicians and celebrities. There’s a word for the practice of referring to...

Yinz and Nebby

A new resident of Pittsburgh is startled by some of the dialect there, like yinz instead of “you” for the second person plural, and nebby for “nosy.” What’s up with that? For a wonderful site about the dialect of that...

Capitalizing Pronouns

Why do we use a capital letter “I” for the first person singular pronoun, but don’t capitalize any other pronouns? This is part of a complete episode.

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