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Ayup, That’s Some Good

When he lived in Nova Scotia, Jeffrey from Montreal, Canada, noted that the word some was often used as an intensifier, as in That’s some good or She’s some pretty or She’s right some pretty. Also common in the dialects of...

Can You Not?

A Montreal, Canada, caller says that when he does something annoying, his wife will say simply, “Can you not?” He wonders if that construction is grammatically correct. This is part of a complete episode.

Etymology of Lieutenant

A listener in Montreal, Canada, asks: How do you pronounce lieutenant? The British say LEF-ten-ant, while Americans say LOO-ten-ant. In the United States, Noah Webster insisted on the latter because it hews more closely to the word’s...

be daredeviled

be daredeviled  v. phr.— «During the last negotiation for the Independent Production Agreement, in 2001, 20th Century Fox claimed the studio canceled plans to shoot the Ben Affleck action flick Daredevil in Montreal and relocated it to...

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