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What’s the Plural for a Computer Mouse?

If you’re talking about the device used to control your computer’s cursor, is the plural computer mouse or computer mice? Either is correct, but the most common version is computer mice. In the early days of computers, engineers often...

Said the Old Lady as She Kissed the Cow

Steve from Wilmington, North Carolina, wonders about a phrase his mother used: “Everybody to their taste,” said the old lady as she kissed the cow, meaning “Different things appeal to different individuals.” It’s an...

Strange English Plurals Leftover From a Bygone Age

A San Antonio, Texas, man says his six-year-old son wonders: If the plural of house is houses, why is the plural of mouse mice? And why is the plural of tooth teeth? These plurals are vestiges of a time when the middle vowel sound in some nouns...

Tricky Plural Word Quiz

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has a tricky quiz with false answers. For example, if the plural of mouse is mice, then what’s the false plural of spouse? This is part of a complete episode.