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battle rattle

battle rattle  n.— «At 0001 hrs today we started to wear our “battle rattle,” or as it’s more affectionately known, our crap.» —“Spinning up” by Oneguy in Iraq MREater (Boise, Idaho) Oct. 8...


startex  n.— «We haven’t really had Startex yet. We seem to be easing into it, starting wearing our gear, etc. before the actual play begins.» —“Spinning up” by Oneguy in Iraq MREater (Boise, Idaho) Oct...

Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean  n.— «When we go through the breakfast chow line, we sign for breakfast, and also sing for a lunch meal. We have a choice of an MRE, or a “Jimmy Dean.” The JDs aren’t really made by JD anymore, although they used to...


 n.— «We’ll get to wear this until the end of the exercise, or “endex.”» —“Spinning up” by Oneguy in Iraq MREater (Boise, Idaho) Oct. 8, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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