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Mountain-Inspired Poetry by Jessica Goodfellow

Jessica Goodfellow spent several weeks as an artist-in-residence at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska while finishing her latest book, Whiteout. The poems in this collection explore the stark natural beauty of that mountain, which drew her...

Head-to-Tail Shift Puzzle

Our Quiz Guy John Chaneski, who belongs to the National Puzzlers’ League, brought us a game inspired by the league’s newsletter. In this game, based on head-to-tail shifts, the first letter of a word moves to the back to form a new word, so if...

Attraction Abbreviations

In Washington, DC, National Park Service employees refer to Ford’s Theater as FOTH, Peterson House as PEHO, and the Washington Monument as WAMO. This is part of a complete episode.

The Flat Word Game

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has a twist on a challenge that’s a favorite among members of the National Puzzlers League, the classic fill-in-the-blank game called The Flat. This is part of a complete episode.

Harriet Doerr’s First Book

Harriet Doerr published her first novel, Stones for Ibarra, at the age of 73. It won a National Book Award. This is part of a complete episode.

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