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Jumping Up Bald-Headed

“Holy old jumping up baldheaded!” is a colorful exclamation with ties to both Jesus of Nazareth and Gary Busey. (In Busey’s case, the phrase was Holy Jumped-Up Baldheaded Jesus Palamino.) This is part of a complete episode.

Jumped Up Bald-Headed

What do your pronouns say about your own psychological makeup? If you use the word I a lot, does it mean you’re a leader . . . or a follower? A surprising study suggests that people of lower status in a group tend to use I the most. Also, a...

Anachronism and Anatopisms

It’s always fun to catch moviemakers’ blunders. Say you’re watching an epic about ancient Rome and spot a toga-clad extra who forgot to remove his wristwatch. That’s an anachronism. But what do you call something that’s...

cocktail sip

cocktail sip  n.— «Indeed, he made no mention of it at all. Thompson spoke at an annual social sponsored by the Friends of Barbados DLP Association, the party’s New York branch headed by Lennox Price. Held at Nazareth Hall High School in...

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