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game  n.— «Huntingtonnews.net has been looking into this and we’ve interviewed people who have knowledge of how the “game” is played. That’s what some addicts call the search for heroin and the injecting of it...

Oregon grate

Oregon grate  n.— «Commonly called the “Oregon grate,” the fish exclusion device fits onto the box trawl net traditionally used by pink shrimpers, allowing fishers to scoop shrimp off the sea floor without accidentally catching...

net zero

net zero  n.— «Its goal is to take the Casa Grande plant off the power grid, or nearly so, and run it almost entirely on renewable fuels and recycled water. Net zero, as the concept is called, has the backing of the highest levels of...


wireline  adj.— «Although Pacific Telesis Group operates wireline telephone services in the region, U S West has held a cellular franchise in San Diego since 1986.» —“TW lays plans for fiber optic net in San...


snodding  n.— «The juvenile whale spent more than four hours with its head and tail tangled in a shark net about 500m off Currumbin beach before rescuers used a technique called snodding to cut it free.…Snodding, he said, involved...

box office

box office
 n.— «
Box Office: Formerly known as the Cockpit. Renamed by Female Pilots.
» —“USAF Slang” by maddog2840 in Las Vegas, Nevada F-16.net June 21, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)