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archaearium  n.— «One answer is what he calls an archaearium, a “non-building” with copper roofing and glass walls over interactive exhibits and an open floor showing the excavation of a house that was probably burned during...


webswev  n.— «Another group is trying to market a new word: webswev. It stands for “Web significantly watered down English verbosity.” It is the language used on Internet bulletin boards and chat lines that relies on...


strawite  n.— «Strawite (strô-it), noun. Technocrat and adherent to the John Major theory of succession, which argues that a charismatic leader who brings misadventure to the party should be replaced by a grey man who will be seen as...


strawite n. See quot. Etymological Note: After British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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