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Episode 1528

Gift Horse

The edge of the Grand Canyon. A remote mountaintop. A medieval cathedral. Some places are so mystical you feel like you’re close to another dimension of space and time. There’s a term for such locales: thin places. And: did you ever go...

Episode 1580

Beefed It

The words tough, through, and dough all end in O-U-G-H. So why don’t they rhyme? A lively new book addresses the many quirks of English by explaining the history of words and phrases. And: have you ever been in a situation where a group makes...

Noo Joisey Word Game

Quiz Guy John Chaneski’s puzzle is an homage to his grandmother from New Jersey, or as she would pronounce it, Noo Joisey. When his grandmother cooked pasta, she’d bring the water to a rounded, knotty tree growth, also known as a what...