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Episode 1534


So you’ve long dreamed of writing fiction, but don’t know where to begin? There are lots of ways to get started — creative writing classes, local writing groups, and books with prompts to get you going. The key is to get started, and...

Northwest Word Skookum

The adjective skookum comes from Chinook jargon and is commonly used in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to describe something strong, good, muscular, or powerful, as in a skookum Malamute or a skookum drink.  This is part of a complete episode.


In the Pacific Northwest, the term spendy means “expensive.” This is part of a complete episode.


Pugetopolis  n.— «Pugetopolis is a term boosters use to express the ambitions of creating a massive city that will extend from Olympia to Bellingham, and cynics and critics—and what I like to think of as reasonable people—think of...


docu-soap  n.— «Beers, who often narrates his own shows, has found a winning formula for his “docu-soaps,” as he calls them. His series typically profile men with blue-collar jobs, such as crab fishermen, truckers, Texas oil wildcatters...

hero snow

hero snow  n.—Gloss: snow that is soft on top and firm underneath, providing excellent conditions for sport skiing.  «The firm base and soft granular top layer found in spring is also sometimes referred to as “hero snow.” It is...

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