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Origin of Nosy

Are we a nosy species? A listener married to a woman from Bangladesh explains how a Bengali term that translates as “nose-going” reflects the naturally inquisitive style of Bangladeshi culture. In many languages, the nose figures...

Lamb’s Legs

A father of two small children says his Indiana family referred to a child’s runny nose as a “lamb’s legs,” as in “We need to wipe the lamb’s legs off.” This is part of a complete episode.

operation nose peg

operation nose peg  n.— «Election 2005 has been dubbed “operation nose peg”: an electorate sniffy about rewarding Prime Minister Tony Blair’s support for the Iraq War, but not all that impressed with the alternative. Journalist...


chillax  v.— «Okay, the few things I can look forward to, over the coming few months:…chillaxin’ (new word I picked up) with friends.» —“My Nose & I (We have a love-hate relationship)” by Lim View jigsaw...