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Butterflies in Your Stomach

If you’re not using a dictionary to look up puzzling words as you read them, you’re missing out on a whole other level of enjoyment. • When you’re cleaning house, why not clean like there’s literally no tomorrow? The term...

Give It the Old College Slang

If someone calls you dibby, should you be flattered or insulted? You’d know if you were in college a century ago—it’s outdated college slang! Also, we are voluntold to play a word puzzle about Unknown Superheroes!

Gag a Maggot off a Gutwagon

An Oakland man is curious about a queasy-making phrase: “a face that could gag a maggot off a gutwagon.” What’s a gutwagon? How’s it used? Why is it used? Yech! This is part of a complete episode.


drawling  n.— «drawling—Not exercising common sense; foolhardy.Example: “Joe said the Oakland Raiders would make the Super Bowl this year, but he’s drawling. They’re terrible.» —“Do you speak Juno?” by Cornell...

animal enrichment

animal enrichment  n.— «At one point in the afternoon, an Oakland Zoo employee tossed two boxes covered in camel hair and filled with meat cutlets into the tiger pit, a process called “animal enrichment” that simulates prey...