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waps  n.pl.— «A preliminary hearing into her sexual discrimination case against the international finance giant heard that senior colleague Nathaniel Norgren indeed congratulated her on her waps—British slang for breasts—at an office...

hot desk

hot desk v. to share a desk, office, or other work space between employees on different shifts or schedules. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


 n.— «Judi Salem was affectionately known as SWMBO—She Who Must Be Obeyed.» —“Judi Salem, 52, managed law office” Toronto Star Apr. 9, 1990. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

hot desk

hot desk  v.— «The new trend, “hot desking,” is that desks are shared between several people who use them at different times. This has been made possible because more people are now working from home or with the customer...


mongo  n.— «Other exhibits at the gallery were a 1,500-square-foot transparent map showing the locations of Sanitation Department offices; three piles of televisions on which videotapes of sanitation workers were shown, and an old...


MEST  n.— «He appealed to fellow Scientologists for donated books and other items to help him set up a new Narconon office. In Scientology’s dialect, such physical items are known as MEST, which stands for “matter, energy, space...

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