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po-po  n.— «one wonders if an ignorant po-po [police officer] wielding a razor blade could damage ones windows themselves trying to be smug and strip the tint off…» —“Re: OT kinda: Experience with window tinting?” by...

hamster care

hamster care  n.— «“The average doctor is seeing thousands of patients a year to survive, and the result is hamster care, or treadmill medicine,” said Dr. Jack Lewin, chief executive officer of the California Medical Association...


 n.— «L-E-O: Law enforcement officer.» —“Slang used by the Rainbow Family” Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Wash.) July 3, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


batman  n.— «Pakistan army has announced that the institution of the batman would soon be abolished. Batman is also known as ‘orderly.’ He is a regular soldier taken out of combat and made to serve an officer at home.» —“Bye-bye...