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Episode 1493

Gee and Haw

The highly specialized vocabulary of people who work outdoors, communicating with sled dogs, a word from the sport of rock-climbing, church key, browse line, smeuse, nitnoy, mommick, zawn, zwer, boom dog, and I think my pig is whistling. This...

Church Key

A listener doing volunteer work in Tempe, Arizona, is puzzled when a co-worker refers to a bottle opener as a church key. This is part of a complete episode.

More Crossword Clues

Crazy crossword clues, Round 2: “Letters from your parents”? (3 letters) and “Sound elicited by an electric can opener” (5 letters). This is part of a complete episode.

dead money

dead money  n.— «Feeley was scheduled to make $2.4 million in contractual salary from the Eagles in 2009 if he made the roster. If he were to be released prior to the season opener, he would receive a $1 million buyout in what is known as...

dagger shot

dagger shot  n.— «“I told our players at the last timeout, “No daggers!’ ” said Aztecs coach Beth Burns, referring to game-changing baskets coaches like to refer to as dagger shots.» —“Rams avoid stumble, win MWC...


lung-opener  n.— «In the season’s lung opener Cosmo-Hindu Open, Vijay Kumar winner of the Order of Merit for last two years, was a picture of excellence.» —“Exciting golfing season in the offing” by Brandon...

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